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Weather pt1.

A simple premise… . Patience! Discovering Weather is a series we’ll be putting together over the next months. First up though, if you’re a racing sailor, be advised this is not aimed at you but cruisers that want comfort ,safety and don’t want to spend their cruising season fixing damaged boats. So here’s where we […]

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Are you ready, Pt2.

2022 Cruising Setup series –  N02 – Sails This month we explore the primary source of power on a sailboat, sails. What to expect out of them, what to look for if it’s time to replace them and the difference between a harbour set and one suitable for extended cruising. You often hear the expression, […]

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Stepping out of your Comfort Zone!

Further Afield, Marlborough Sounds NZ. What beckons, over the horizon? When you talk to visiting cruisers about New Zealand, it’s not uncommon to hear comments like “Best Cruising Grounds outside the Tropics, bar none.” You just need to look at our Local Boating mags to see the beauty of New Zealand Cruising, take the article […]