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John & Lyn have been cruising the South pacific for over 30 years, much of that in their own vessel Windflower, plus many deliveries in vessels power and sail up to 72ft.

Coastal & Offshore Cruising is an association of like mined cruisers that are sailing in or through the South Pacific and South East Asia. The club offers logistical support, Agency Services and vast local knowledge for the region.

But beyond that it’s about sharing the experience and above all Camaraderie.

Ocean Tactics is our Weather and Routing Service for Cruisers.

Ocean Tactics has been running now for three years and has gained significant traction and rave reviews during this time.


With over 150,000nm experience with passages in and around the Pacific we have an intimate knowledge of system movement and the numerous weather phenomena that affect routing for successful ocean passages. Having spent the last 24 years sailing and cruising in this region we also have extensive local knowledge leading too our slogan, “More than just a Weather Service” 

Getting to know both you and the boat is important and we take time to discuss the vessels capabilities and your preferences.

All routing starts with Departure Planning, this is quite literally the most important step in a successful passage.

Once on Passage it’s all about putting the vessel in the right place for the weather thats coming.

Below is our standard reporting format, best time to forward is between 7am and 8am each day.


We ask you to provide provide the following information on a daily basis, this will stimulate a routing response.


This information help not just you but all the vessels in the area as is provides a snapshot of the actual weather in the region.


Our response to you will give a brief description  of what to expect over the next 24 – 48 hours and details wind, waves, CAPE, GMDSS and other atmospheric conditions followed by our routing recommendations.




Boat speed – GPS and Log (ie if you’re in any current)

Conditions – 

Sea state, approx height, Period and direction

Wind average and gust (Approx) direction and point of sail

Comfort level – how is your roll, vertical acceleration and slamming.

A brief description of the weather ie. clear skies or overcast and rain squalls etc.

Port or Starboard Tack and Gybe

If you’re heading to windward are you making course or have borne away. (check with me for routing before you take or gybe) if downwind is your comfort and VMG better if you increase the angle slightly.

Any other thoughts or queries.


We use Aim points for the routing, these are arbitrary and are there for just that, an aim point if you’re unable to maintain a course to the AIM point keep me informed and I’ll give you options. This will usually be in the form of a “Gate”, two points one degree Lat or Lon apart with an instruction as to which side of the gate is preferable.



John, again thank you for the guidance in my most recent passage.  Below is a statement you’re welcome to use as you see fit.

“After sailing for over two decades, nearly 25,0000nm, being a weather router myself for vessels in a different geographical area of the world, I couldn’t be more thankful for the years of experience and knowledge John possesses regarding one of the trickier passages in all of the Pacific. His knowledge brings great comfort when deciding the time to leave and what direction to head while underway, navigating through the quickly changing weather fronts. Thank you John for guiding me through yet another successful and uneventful journey.”


Now that I have got some sleep, I want to thank you more formally for your expert advice guiding us across the Pacific.  I really enjoyed the interactions and of course your ability to be spot on with the weather.  It made our trip so much more enjoyable.  Thanks my friend I will always be a client and advocate for you.