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Offshore Cruising Academy

Offshore Cruising Preparation Course – late March 2023

Building on their highly successful venue based courses presented by John and Lyn, this digital course is by all accounts the most comprehensive course focusing on Offshore Cruising and will lead participants through all aspects of the Preparation of both the Vessel and Crew while ensuring all the systems aboard are setup for the voyaging ahead. Read MORE

The Cart is Open

C&OC Intl. Destination Series Events.

C&OC Intl is Proud to Announce the 2023 Program

2023 – South Pacific Rendezvous – This event series is open to all vessels from French Polynesia – New Zealand and Australia – – Event One – Tonga Rendezvous 23 – Event Two – Bula Rendezvous 23Event Three – Kia Ora Rendezvous 23 – For More Details Click HERE

2023 – South Pacific Rendezvous

A C&OC Intl. VIP Membership Benefit

With Tongas Maritime Borders now open we are able to include this magical destination in the 2023 Event Series.

Four events make up the 2023 South Pacific Rendezvous -

  • Tonga Rendezvous – From Opua and All South Pacific ports in May through to September
  • The Bula Rendezvous will run again with a fleet sailing in June from Tonga and all South Pacific Ports, arrivals open until September.
  • Kia Ora Rendezvous to New Zealand at the end of the season
Expressions of Interest are now open for the 2023 South Pacific Rendezvous!
Rendezvous cost.

Rendezvous Events are a C&OC Intl. VIP Member Benefit. In other words there is no additional fee other than current membership to join these events. All briefings, seminars, webinars, resources and Popup Events are included.

Additional services can be added, at a cost.
  • Departure Planning & Weather Routing – Ocean Tactics
  • Yacht Agent Services – Departure and Entry documentation and clearance
  • Yachtsman’s Travel Cover – Medical and Travel Insurance are now a must for most countries
  • Special Clearances – In past years we have arranged clearances at some of the more exotic spots in the South Pacific. This May be an option again this year.
  • The “Discover Tonga and Fiji – Events.

Fleet Tracking

Follow the Pacific Fleet on PredictWind HERE

10 Great Reasons to Join a C&OC Intl. – Rendezvous!

Well, of course there’s the obvious, safety in numbers, great friendships and the like but there has to be more!

  • First up is Flexibility. Unlike a rally, a rendezvous is much more flexible. You still have all the benefits but you’re not restricted to a fixed start date.
  • Then there’s 25 years accumulated knowledge base! John and Lyn Martin have more than 130,000miles under the keel, just in the South Pacific.
  • Take the Hassle out! Rally admin have done all the research and made all the arrangements to allow you to enjoy, rather than stress.
  • Zoom and Facebook Live info sessions, pick one or pick all. There are subjects from preparation, to what to expect, where to get what, local customs and the ooh ahhh that is “Cruising Fiji & Tonga”.
  • Great Deals! From the biggies right down to a few dollars here and there. Take an example, up to 7.5% off Cyclone Storage at Vuda Marina*, to a few dollars off Courtesy Flags for the region.
  • Getting you there safely! It’s our job to give you all the resources to get you to and around the South Pacific safely and we take that responsibility very seriously.
  • A lead Boat! Windflower, who by now can almost navigate herself but, will take John and Lyn along for the ride to give you a special look at the magic that is Tonga & Fiji on the Cruise in Company’s.
  • Expect the Unexpected! With Popup Events in remote places.
  • All said and done, the South PacificRendezvous series is three times the value of any other rally offering.

Please Support our Key Sponsors for the 2023 C&OC Intl. South Pacific Events Series

3Sixty Marine  PredictWind  Vuda Marina  Yachtsman’s Travel  Coprashed

Our In House Weather Service for Cruisers.

The 2023 South Pacific Series is taking shape nicely with all four Rendezvous confirmed for 2023, if you’ve filled out an EoI you’ll be first to hear all the details as plans firm up.

Key Partner for the 2023 Bula Rendezvous

Why Join?

We take the stress out of all the paperwork and share that wealth of Local Knowledge so you can Cruise With Confidence!

The South Pacific Rendezvous is not just the destination but support from start to finish. For those leaving from NZ support with outward paperwork and clearance from Opua. For all participants, we’ll handle your application for entry into Tonga, your C2C for Fiji. Fiji strongly advises the use of an agent for paperwork, C&OC and their Yacht Services Partner 3Sixty Marine Ltd take on that role as part of the services provided to participants (at no additional cost) and work with the authorities in Fiji to ensure all the paperwork is processed quickly and accurately to ensure expedited clearance. This worked seamlessly for the 2022 Bula Rendezvous.

Throughout we’ll be there to assist with all the documentation and Departure Planning, weather information, local knowledge and much more, helping you to have a seamless worry free experience. Most important we sail with the fleet, so there’s someone there at all times to assist if needed.

Rendezvous Benefits

This is the fun part, as well as the above there are a number of other benefits to joining the Rendezvous.
Discounts on all Sail South Pacific Cruising Guides
Preferred supplier discounts
Discounted Ocean Tactics Weather Routing, Passage Management. (Departure Planning is included in the Rendezvous Fee if sailing with the fleet departure.)
An Iridium Go PredictWind Airtime SIM card from PredictWind
Complimentary PredictWind SMS Vessel Tracking for all participants
Special Pricing at numerous Suppliers and service agents both in NZ and Fiji
The huge Rendezvous Welcome Party in Tonga, venue TBA, at Copra Shed Marina for the Bula Rendezvous, some drinks and food may be provided, and on arrival in New Zealand
Rendezvous Admin will handle all the paperwork on your behalf.
A series of briefings will be held, local in New Zealand and live on Zoom, late January for the Oz 2 NZ & Mid to late April for the South Pacific Rendezvous.
Loads of advice, assistance, camaraderie and heaps of fun without the stressful bits.
Perhaps one of the Prime Benefits of the rendezvous is the Heavily Discounted OCEAN TACTICS weather routing service. Preliminary Set up and Departure planning are included as a Rendezvous benefit but only for those departing with the fleet. For more information on OCEAN TACTICS Click HERE

Whats Not included

Savusavu clearance by Copra Shed Marina $35FJD. Tonga and Fiji Government charges for clearance. Any Quarantine costs. Cost of meals and special events (Cost will be notified before the event/s).

Changes, not under our control.

The world and everything in it is evolving at an unprecedented rate, admin will make all effort to keep you advised if changes effect the event. However, Coastal & Offshore Cruising Intl. reserve the right to change, modify or amend details and requirements without notice as conditions and or requirements from governing bodies change.

How Much?
The South Pacific Rendezvous is a C&OC Intl. VIP member Benefit. There will be a Cruise In Company through the Tongan Archipelago and Two are planned for Fiji. There will be a cost to be advised for each Cruise in Company.

Cruise In Company.

Tap in the the local knowledge and experience of John and Lyn Martin as they take you through these fabulous cruising regions, the best anchorages, dive spot, local features and local customs. 2020 was the first Cruise in Company through the Lau and got rave reviews from the participants. We’ll be releasing details for 2023 shortly.

EoI Submissions will be first to be invited to participate when full Registration is Opened.

All the help you’ll need!

  • All the help & resources you need to Cruise through the South West Pacific to any Rendezvous Destination. An extensive level of co-ordination and support before & during the offshore passages.
  • We’ll lead you through all the documentation required for Departure, Advance Notice of Arrivals. Arrival and departure documentation, visa requirements and more.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Advice & support before, during and after the Rendezvous.
  • All relevant details for all vessels are forwarded to SAR, at NZRCC.
  • Passage planning and passage management advise for all passages, with resources for all destinations.
  • OceanOverWatch
  • Ocean Tactics weather service at C&OC member discounts
  • Fleet Tracking by PredictWind.
  • An Invitation to all Rendezvous Fun and Pop Up events.
  • Briefings via Zoom/ WhatsApp or live where available.
  • Priority Haulout Bookings and specials at Marsden Cove Marina, New Zealand and Vuda Marina – Fiji
  • Payed up C&OC Intl. membership is a condition of entry.


  • Unrivaled camaraderie
  • Great support network
  • Years of knowledge and experience in the South Pacific
  • More fun than you can poke a stick at
  • and a great team helping you “Cruise With Confidence”

Supply Partners

Supply partners may change without notice – for the most up to date listings please email –

Key Partner for the 2022 Bula Rendezvous

Rally Terms and Conditions

Rally Partners

From Panama to Thailand, cruise every island, with 
C&OC – Intl. and Sail 2 Indonesia 

Make new friends, discover remote destinations that few people ever get to visit, and enjoy exclusive benefits only available to rendezvous participants, such as VIP clearance, special entry ports, discounts, freebies and much, much more.

Why do people join organised events?

  • Receive exclusive concessions, discount & freebies
  • Benefit from local knowledge
  • Qualified Information and support
  • Access to the latest information
  • Make cruising more fun
  • Make new friends
  • Create life long memories
  • Reduce the hassle and worry so they can have the best experience in exciting new places.

The purpose of a rally/ rendezvous is to enhance your cruising experience. Our rallies/rendezvous are organised with the aim of bringing together a group of like-minded people who want to share the experience of cruising, and benefit from the exclusive privileges we can arrange. It’s all about giving you value for money, a unique and unforgettable experience, and the benefit of local knowledge.

It’s YOUR experience – make it what YOU want

As a rally/ rendezvous participant, you can choose how much (or how little) involvement you have with activities and other participants. There is no pressure! It’s not a race, it’s not “follow-me” sailing, and it’s certainly not a dictatorship. You can participate in some, all or none of the activities and itineraries – it’s entirely up to you. Want to break away from the group and do your own thing for a while? That’s fine! You can leave or join the group at any time you wish.

Offshore Cruising Academy

Offshore Cruising Preparation Course
The Cart is Open

Not quite there yet?

After a five year Hiatus John and Lyn Martin (ex Island Cruising) are back with Coastal & Offshore Cruising Intl. and an all new Offshore Cruising Preparation Course from the Offshore Cruising Academy. This course is focused on helping sailors and those with little experience, who are interested in Offshore Cruising, prepare for their first offshore voyage and the cruising lifestyle. 

Building on their highly successful venue based courses presented by John and Lyn, this digital course is by all accounts the most comprehensive course focusing on Offshore Cruising and will lead participants through all aspects of the Preparation of both the Vessel and Crew while ensuring all the systems aboard are setup for the voyaging ahead.

The course is scheduled to Launch in late March. We’ll be running a series of Webinars leading up to the launch from Late February through early March that will give potential attendees a good grasp of the course syllabus and how it will be presented.

So what does the course cover, how it can benefit potential offshore cruisers, and how to sign up for the Free Webinars.

Simple, complete the form below and we’ll send you a full prospectus. There’s no commitment and no cost to register your interest and as a bonus we’ll also send you a couple of resources to give you a taste of what to expect in the course. 

To keep up with news as it comes to hand register your interest by completing the form below, there’s no obligation and we’ll never share your email, or register for one of the Free Course Focused Webinars listed below.

Register your Interest, There’s no obligation

 Webinar Dates – (Times are Local)

US West Coast – Tuesday 21st March 2PM EST

Pacific West, NZ and Australia – 

Wednesday 22nd March  11am Fiji –  Auckland 12PM 

Wednesday 22nd March – Qld Australia 1pm & Sydney 2pm

Webinars are FREE with no obligation!

The Offshore Cruising Preparation Course will take aspiring offshore cruiser’s from “How do I get Started” all the way to “Dropping the Dock Lines, heading for far horizons and Cruising With Confidence” 

Course Overview 

Digitally based this course covers all the usual participant questions as well as those they didn’t know they needed to ask! 

The syllabus is delivered in Modules with several Lessons in each module. 

The lessons contain video Key Note presentations and pdf attachments for associated resources and runs over a three week period.

Modules One & Two are released at the start of week one and Modules 3 to 5 each week following.

There are two levels, Self Taught and VIP.

Self Taught is just that, Module’s are downloaded as above without the “Extras” that you get on the VIP training. Full course support is still available.

VIP however is much much more! With weekly Q& A’s for Tech questions on a Wednesday & General Q & A on the Thursday. VIP also comes with a host of extra bonuses as well as an early bird bonus of Three Months personal mentoring.

What Others Say 

With each above, we started with different levels of experience

Case 1 – David had zero experience , except Youtube!

Case 2 – Ian was an experienced sailor, but with only coastal experience. Tracey was very nervous

Case 3 – Dominic and son Tristan, previous experience, a  12ft tinny for fishing on the Firth of Fourth.

What’s In the Course – Short Form

MODULE 1   –  The Boat

L1 – The Ideal Cruising Boat, Power or Sail.

L2 – Bureaucracy

L3 – Social

MODULE 2 – Initial Preparation

L1 – Getting to know the Boat and initial Preparation – Exterior

L2 – Exterior cont…

L3 – Making Life Easier & Safer

L4 – Getting to know your boat – Interior

L5 – Creature Comfort

MODULE 3 – Boat Systems

L1 – Boat Systems

L2 – Systems cont..

L3 – Systems cont…

MODULE 4 – Comms, Remote Management, Tech

L1 – Comms

L2 – Electronics

L3 – Remote Management

L4 – Luxuries – Valuable & Hmmmm, Not!

MODULE 5 – Preparing the Crew

L1 – Courses

L2 – Safety

L3 – Medical

L4 – Record Keeping

L5 – Provisioning

L6 – All the M’s – Must Haves and Money


Additional Live Presentations

  • Understanding Pacific Weather Video and Pdf
  • Setting up your Iridium Go, with PredictWind
  • Setting up your Iridium Go Exec & PW Hub with PredictWind

PDF’s and eBooks

  • Check lists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Love Your Diesel
  • Preparation 101 – eBook
  • Handy Tips and Tricks
  • Cruising With Kids
  • Sundowners – Nibbles and Drinks – eBook

Offshore Cruising Academy is the training wing of C&OC Intl. and helps aspiring cruisers turn their dreams into reality. We’ve poured our 30 years experience and know-how into a digital course that will covers every aspect of the preparation of both yacht and crew so participants can cast the decline off, sail to far horizons and Cruise with confidence.

The program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire preparation journey — from strategy to planning, to creation, to launching . . .  with no fluff and no stone left unturned.

In a nutshell, OCA teaches students how to make the ultimate shift from struggling to find the path, find the right information, reduce overload, avoid the rabbit holes and avoid feeling uncertain of what they should be doing to create a platform that will safely turn their dreams into reality.

Who This Course Was Created For 

This program is a perfect fit for:

  1. Someone who Is new to sailing but has a dream. 
  2. Someone who want’s to create confidence in a partner 
  3. Someone who is already a sailor but needs guidance for the next step. 
  4. Someone who is suffering from information overload and need to sort fact from Fiction to move forward 
  5. Someone who needs to know where their money will get the best solution.

Our community’s biggest obstacles:

  1. Getting stressed and making no progress.
  2. Is loosing confidence in their project
  3. Still has the dream, but It’s become too hard
  4. Needs to share the dream with a partner

We’re here for you!


VIP Students will also receive these bonuses to help generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) right until they reach the transformation this course promises:


Additional Live Presentations

  • Understanding Pacific Weather Video and Pdf
  • Setting up your Iridium Go, with PredictWind
  • Setting up your Iridium Go Exec & PW Hub with PredictWind

PDF’s and eBooks

  • Check lists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Love Your Diesel
  • Preparation 101 – eBook
  • Handy Tips and Tricks
  • Cruising With Kids
  • Sundowners – Nibbles and Drinks – eBook
The Cart is Open

What’s In the Course – Long Form

MODULE 1   –  

S1 – The Ideal Cruising Boat, Power or Sail. JM

  • Type
  • Size
  • Construction
  • Layout
  • Systems
  • Survey

S2 – Bureaucracy JM

  • Ship Registration 
  • Legalities
  • Insurance

S3 – Social         Lyn

  • Psychology
    • Downsizing
    • Moving aboard  
  • Dealing with…
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Work
    • Working aboard


S1 – Getting to know the Boat and initial Preparation JM

  • Exterior
    • Rigging
      • Mast
      • Standing Rigging
      • Deck layout
      • Stanchions
      • Poles, davits, etc
    • Sails
      • Main sail/s
      • Foresail/s
      • Car Handling
      • Sheet and rope handling
      • Storm setup

S2 – Exterior cont…. JM

  • Sails
    • Selection/ Repair
    • Balance
    • Tuning
    • Maintenance
    • What makes a good offshore sail
  • Anchors and Anchoring
    • Equipment
    • How much is enough
    • Windlass
    • Techniques
      • Scope
      • Rope/Chain or All Chain
      • Anchor types and how many you need

S3 – Making Life Easier & Safer JM

  • Making Life Easier
    • Preventers
    • Adjustable Genoa Cars
    • Taking Everything Back to the Cockpit
    • Winches
    • Making it easy for all crew
  • Safety
    • EPIRB
      • GPS/ Not
      • Raft, Grab Bag
    • Personal Beacon
      • EPIRB
      • AIS
    • Life Raft
      • Size 
      • Make
      • Model
    • Jacklines
    • Recovery – COB
  • The Tender
    • Type
    • Size
    • Davits
    • Storage

S4 – Interior JM

  • 99 Point Inspection – Bow to Stern
  • Ventilation
    • Mechanical
    • Passive
    • At Sea
    • At Anchor
  • Storage
    • Food              LH
    • Personal        LH
    • Spares
    • Tankage
      • Fuel, Water, Black Holding, Grey Holding

S5 – Creature Comfort  LH

  • Comfort
    • Mattresses 
    • Sunshades, Rain Collection
    • Lee Cloths
    • Harness Points,  Hand Holds
    • Improving Layout
  • Keeping the Boat Dry     JM
    • Finding Leaks
    • Fixing Leaks
    • Hippos       LH
    • Covers
    • Departure routines   LH


S1 – Boat Systems

  • Mechanical
    • Motor/s
    • Generator/s
    • Outboards
  • Steering
    • Types 
    • Auto Pilots
      • Electrical 
      • Passive
      • Types
      • Emergency 
    • Redundancy
  • Electrical
    • Storage,Batteries
    • Usage – Calculator, Temperate/ Tropic
    • Passive Charging
    • Mechanical Charging
    • Lighting
    • Running a Balanced System

S2 – Systems cont.. JM

  • Water
    • Storage
    • Tap or not
    • Filtering
    • Purification
    • Collection
    • Desalination
  • Refrigeration
    • Options, Fridge Freezer, Bar fridge, Veggie Storage
      • None
      • Motor driven
      • 12/24V DC
      • Generator/ 110/230V AC
      • Running in the tropics

S3 – Systems cont… JM

  • Sanitation
    • Toilets
      • Types – Manual, Electrical, Vacuum, Composting
      • How many is enough
    • Treatment
    • Showers – Interior, Exterior
    • Clothing
      • Hand wash 
      • Machine
  • Reticulation
    • Holding Tanks
    • Plumbing
    • Gas
    • Fuel

MODULE 4 – Comms, Remote Management, Tech

S1 – Comms JM

  • Communication 
    • HF
    • VHF
    • Satellite
      • Sat Phone
      • Iridium Go
      • Iridium Go Exec
      • StarLink
      • V-sat and others
    • Cellular
    • WiFi 
    • Boosters
    • Hub

S2 – Electronics JM

  • Navigation
    • Plotters
    • Sounders
    • Computers
    • Tablets
    • Apps
  • Safety
    • AIS 
    • GPS
  • Networking

S3 – Remote Management JM

  • Data Hub
  • Security
  • Remote working
    • Schooling                LH
  • Tropical Office

S4 – Luxuries LH


  • Dive Compressors
  • BBQ
  • Air Con
  • Washing Machine
  • Dish Washer
  • SUP’s Kayak’s etc

Hmmm JM

  • Forward Looking Sonars
  • FLIR
  • Cameras
  • Fancy Lights
  • Sound Systems

MODULE 5 – Preparing the Crew JM

S1 – Courses

  • Sea Survival Course
  • Navigation
    • To Ocean Yacht Master
  • Boat Handling
  • Medical
  • Diesel Maintenance
  • And for some, Learn to sail.

S2 – Safety

  • Crew over Board – COB
    • What leads to it
    • How to prevent it
    • Protocols
    • Watch rules
  • Boat Equipment and Placement
    • EPIRB
    • AIS
    • Jack Lines
    • Life Raft
    • Recovery Equipment
    • Procedures

S3 – Record Keeping JM

  • Log Books
  • Reference Manuals
  • Pilots/ Guides
  • Yacht Manual
  • Charts
  • Nav Tools

Medical LH

  • Offshore Med Kit
  • Personal Meds
    • Storage
    • Refilling
  • Inoculations
  • Devises
    • Defib
    • Oxigen 
    • Others
  • Seasickness
    • Psychology 
    • Remedies

S4 – Provisioning LH

  • Galley Equipment
  • Food
  • Personal
  • Cleaners
  • Disposal

S4 – All the M’s LH

Must Haves and Money

  • Torches / Spot light
  • Battery or Recharge
  • Head Lamps
  • Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Entertainment Devises
  • Data
  • In all things think Redundancy

Money LH

  • Management
  • Banking – remotely
  • Cash – Foreign Currency
  • Shore base.


  • Check lists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Love Your Diesel
  • Preparation 101 – eBook
  • Handy Tips and Tricks
  • Cruising With Kids
  • Sundowners – Drinks and Nibbles