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July/ Aug. Newsletter

Coastal & Offshore Cruising Intl.SOUTH PACIFIC NEWSJuly – August  2021 e-ditionWhere in the World?Feature Article – Weather.Choosing your South Pacific Summer Destination South Pacific Destinations for the upcoming Cyclone Season.Busting the Myths!   It’s about this time of year I start fielding questions from cruisers about where to head for Cyclone Season. The SW Pacific has seen an active …

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Energy At Sea!

Energy at sea August 13, 2020 by jdo Jörg Domann – SV Aurelia Jörg Domann has done many ocean miles and has an engineers perspective on the subject of energy, it’s interesting reading and explains some misconceptions! For those in New Zealand contact Enertec Marine for more info on the products described in the article. On …

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Fire at Sea

Fire Down BelowBy Mawgan Grace” Reprinted courtesy of Ocean Sailor Magazine and Kraken Yachts. “Apart from sinking, fire is the main reason crews abandon ship and therefore it’s essential to act quickly. The first purpose of having fire extinguishers onboard is” “to provide an exit path out of the cabin away from toxic fumes and …

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