Tidal Current Modelling – PW

The world’s most advanced  tidal current model. PredictCurrent is the most advanced source of tidal and ocean current modelling available on the market. In a world first, our team of oceanographers have produced tidal current maps for almost all the coastlines of the world, with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. 4km, 400m and 100m resolution. With …

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Jet Stream Dynamics

Over 40 articles and growing! This is just one example of what’s on offer with the Mi Weather “Learn” Subscription. Click HERE to find out more. Jet Stream Dynamics Explained!  The jet streams are fast-flowing, narrow, meandering air currents in the atmosphere that forms at the boundaries between air masses of contrasting temperature. There are …

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The Anchoring Dance

Anchoring!  It’s a Spectator Sport like no other, it’s free and it’s happening in any busy bay near you or Tropical Anchorage from about 3:00pm every day. That’s right it’s the “Anchoring Dance.” There are many variations on the dance from; the, Rock up and drop, deposit the contents of the anchor locker on the …

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