South Pacific Summer Weather

C&OC and Mi Weather

Welcome to Mi Weather. In the following weeks we’re going to be covering many of the weather events that make South Pacific Weather what it is!

We’ll also look at Weather Phenomena that influence the weather for example the MJO, SPCZ, ITCZ and a whole lot of other acronyms.

Regardless if your a Novice or a seasoned sailor in these parts, below you’ll find some links that may be of interest.

As well as Mi Weather Articles each week we’ll be sending out regular up dates on what to expect weather wise locally. So look out for those in your inbox too.

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Weather Pt1



Fiji Met Service Tropical Cyclone Outlook 

Joint Typhoon Warning Centre

Satellite Progression

Sea Temperature Anomoly
Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

La Nina declared for the Pacific

Thanks also to PredictWind for the Offshore app and the PredictWind Satellite Service Sim cards.