January 26, 2021

Avoiding Weather

Avoiding Weather is always the plan but is particularly important when you’re planning a passage in the fringe periods or out of season. An example of this would be the South Pacific Cyclone Season which runs from November to April, the southern summer.Ocean Passages don’t have to include a spell when you wish you weren’t …

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South Pacific Convergence Zone

The South Pacific convergence zone (SPCZ) is a reverse-oriented, or west-northwest to east-southeast aligned, trough extending from the west Pacific warm pool southeastwards towards French Polynesia. It lies just south of the equator during the Southern Hemisphere warm season, but can be more extratropical in nature, especially east of the International Date Line. It is …

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South Pacific Weather

Passage Planning SW Pacific to New Zealand © 2019 –  by John Martin There are a lot of myths surrounding the passage to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands. Most are the result of inexperience and lack of knowledge. I’ve done the trip personally now 44 times (up and back) and only had one really bad …

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