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John Martin has been assisting skippers with weather and passage planning for many years, first while running the NZ based Island Cruising Association and then while managing other major international yacht rallies through the Atlantic, Pacific & SE Asia, now operating as Ocean Tactics. “Departure Planning is an essential first step in passage comfort and safety and a couple of days can make the world of difference. Once out there it’s all about, Putting the Boat in the Right Place, to take best advantage of the weather”

What is Ocean Tactics ?

Passage Weather Tactics, Departure Planning and Passage Management Strategies for anyone out on the Ocean.

This is a paid weather service, discounted for C&OC Intl. members.

Ocean Tactics weather service is available for any vessel, power or sail, mono or multi up to 20m in length, coastal or offshore.

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Offshore Weather & Routing

Passage Tactics

This allows us to get to know you and your vessel and is a necessary part of all Ocean Tactics engagements. During the lead up to the passage we’ll discuss Comfort Levels for Wind and Wave, Vessel Characteristics and Conditions to expect on passage.

Passage Tactics also includes discussion briefings via WhatsApp just prior to departure to give you a full understanding of what to expect and detail factors that may influence your tactics on passage.

Once a suitable passage departure date has been agreed we will run a full weather routing for the passage including Wave, Current, CAPE and Gust forecasts with the latest information prior to departure.

The cost for this service is $80USD and is a one time fee per passage. 

Departure Planning

Picking the right departure goes a long way to having a good passage. We’ll work with you to pick the best weather window for any specified passage based on your personal parameters and that of the vessel as per the answers given when you sign up.

The cost for this service is $80.00USD and covers a period of up to 20 days of active forecasting leading up to the start of the passage.

Passage Management

Possibly the most important service for a safe and comfortable passage. This service makes sure you put the vessel in the right place to best take advantage of the weather that’s coming as the passage proceeds. Updates are sent via email only.

The cost of this service is calculated on a time basis in units of 6-minutes at $6USD each. A daily review and update is usually 2-3 increments unless the weather is changing rapidly and 12 hourly updates are needed. On longer passages with stable weather, reviews may be needed less frequently. 

Coastal Weather & Routing

For longer coastal passages or just a helping hand to plan your coastal cruising there are many ways we can help. Contact us by email or phone to discuss for plans starting as low as $60

C&OC Members are eligible for a 10% discount on all aspects of this service.

PredictWind Tracking is a condition of service.

Payment method is by Credit Card only.

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Ocean Tactics is a Trading Name of 3Sixty Marine Ltd.

Weather Accolades

 SV Maximilian of Southampton – Nick Keeler. Thank you for all the updates – the routing was great as we are almost a day ahead of the others!

SV Windsong – John & Janet Barba.
We really appreciated your daily updates! So glad we found out about your service!

SV Khiimori – Matt Young.
It was a difficult passage but we needed to get back from Fiji to New Zealand. With a small gap between lows John helped us to “Thread the Needle” and got us home safely. Thanks for your help and support John!

SV Tango – John and Janet Harrington.
John nailed it with the weather on our trip from French Polynesia to Tonga Via American Samoa. Departure planning was spot on and when our auto pilot failed John was instrumental in routing us to the nearest safe port for repairs.
Our second passage was Tonga to New Zealand via Minerva. Again Tango misbehaved but it was wonderful having a gentle watch over us, thank you John.

SV Manauhaea – Mike and Glenda Rainey
We’ve done a number of passages where we’ve relied on John for the weather and never had a bad trip. The one trip we didn’t use him and listened to someone else, who will remain nameless. We had a horror trip.
Of note, our passage north from NZ in 2017 was a huge win on the departure planning side, we strained at the bit while others got away early but John held us back. We finally had a great trip and met many of the others in Tonga that got away early only to have bad passages, some of them with damage. Thanks John!

SV Destiny (Houston) – Frank & Barbara Gladney
We didn’t want to come down to New Zealand but John talked us into it and promised a “Perfect Passage”. Barbara’s idea of a Perfect Passage is to motor so John took the challenge. We had a light but beautiful passage from Noumea to Norfolk Island, spent 5 days there and got ashore every day (apparently this is unusual) and finished with a dream run into NZ. Brilliant John, you delivered as promised!

John’s Corner!
John has successfully routed so many people down to New Zealand from the islands that he’s got quite a name for it. With the usual flow of weather it’s often best to put some westing in to take advantage of the shift as you get closer to NZ and make sure you’re not on the wrong side of it. That point is 30S 173W and has colloquially been dubbed John’s Corner.