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C&OC Intl. – 2022 Destination Series

Bula Rendezvous Confirmed as Premier Event

No Obligation Zero Cost but the fastest way to keep informed!

The 2022 Destination Series is taking shape nicely with the Bula Rendezvous confirmed for 2022. Destination Ports are Savusavu and Vuda Marina with a possible fixed time Lau Entry!

The 2022 Destination Series features – The Bula Rendezvous – The Loyalties Rendezvous and the Kia Ora Rendesvous. In a first, the series will feature a one time fixed price fee* for any or all of the events. In other words pay one fee and choose how many events you wish to take part in.

*The event fee covers the C&OC Rendezvous cost only;- country entry fees, cost of clearance and special event costs are extra.

In all cases there will be a Cruise in Company add on for each country. Tap the EoI signup below and be first to hear the news as it’s confirmed. Formal Registration will be opened once details are confirmed and we are 100% sure there will be no Covid Effect!

No Obligation Zero Cost but the fastest way to keep informed!

Timing for the Events.

Timing for each events, is as follows;- The Bula Rendezvous will kick off late May and run through to the end of July when registrations will close. The Loyalties Rally is a fixed date in September and the Kia Ora Rendezvous will see it’s first sailing in late September and run through to mid November. Participants in the Rendezvous can choose to sail with the fleet or to their own program with all the Admin support at any time through the above dates. Departures for all events are from any port in the South Pacific.

We are also asking for Expressions of Interest for a Possible Australia to New Zealand Rally. This will Run from Eden in southern NSW to Pictonat the top of New Zealands South Island. This route takes best advantage of the Summer weather patterns and also give participants a good look at some of New Zealands amazing Cruising, the Marlborough Sounds, Tasman Bay and depending on which coast you choose to come north, the fabulous Far North Coast of Northland or the stunning East Coast Cruising from East Cape North to The Bay of Islands for the Start of the Bula Rendezvous. Timing for this leg will be Mid to Late February depending on weather.

Whats the difference between a Rally and a Rendezvous? Simply this, a Rally has a fixed start date depending on weather, a Rendezvous has a flexible start date over a period of weeks or even months.

There will be a Cruise in Company in each of the three destinations.

Here’s an example of the preliminary Cruise in Company Route proposed for the 2022 Bula Rendezvous. The route is subject to change depending on what the future holds.

Proposed Cruise in Company Route 2022

Weather Seminar – Vuda Marina Monday 25th Oct 2021


28th March 2021 – Savusavu to open under Fiji’s Blue Lanes! Great news for the Bula Rendezvous with two Fiji Destination choices.

29th March 2021 – The Bula Rendezvous announce the 2021 Cruise in Company Route. With Savusavu now open it’s the perfect place to start the Cruise in Company. See the Map below for the proposed Route.

15th May 2021 – The first of the Bula Rendezvous boats from French Polynesia arrive in Savusavu.

9th June 2021 – After being delayed with adverse weather the first 5 Bula Rendezvous boats arrive from New Zealand.

The Cruise in Company is separate to the Bula Rendezvous and is not mandatory, rather your choice to join or to follow the route. Bula Rendezvous Participants are invited to join the Cruise in Company. Preliminary Start date – Mid June 2021. Numbers are limited, see conditions below.

Why Join?

In these uncertain times having qualified information is a must. We have boots on the ground in Fiji keeping us up with the play as it happens. With their support we’ve negotiating favorable fixed rates for the Fiji Agents (now included in the rendezvous fee) as well as the Navy costs for patrolling the Quarantine Area and Covid tests on arrival.

The Bula Rendezvous is not just the destination but support from start to finish. For those leaving from NZ support with outward paperwork and clearance from Opua. For all, we will handle your application C2C and work with the agents in Fiji to ensure your application is processed successfully and quickly. With groups of 10 or more arriving as a group (over a three – five day period), expedited clearance at Denarau and Savusavu.

With no fixed program or start date, skippers can choose departures to suit their timing. We’ll be there to assist with all the documentation and Departure Planning weather information helping you to have a seamless worry free experience.

Rendezvous Benefits

This is the fun part, as well as the above there are a number of other benefits to joining the Rendezvous. An Invite to join the Cruise in Company (see route map above).
The Rendezvous fee includes a one year membership in Coastal & Offshore Cruising Intl. and all the benefits membership provides. For full details visit but primarily…
Discounts on the Sail Fiji Cruising Guide by Sail South Pacific.
Preferred supplier discounts
Discounted Ocean Tactics Weather Routing, Passage Management. (Departure Planning is included in the Rendezvous Fee.)
Fiji Agents Fees and Savusavu clearance by Copra Shed Marina included in the cost. (Fiji Government charges not included)
Two Iridium Go PredictWind Airtime SIM cards
Complimentary PredictWind SMS Vessel Tracking for all participants
Special Pricing at a number of Suppliers and service agents both in NZ and Fiji
Special covid test arrangements if departing from New Zealand
Fiji Health are now providing a Covid Safe flag for each boat and have asked us not to provide a Battle Flag for the event but to ensure participants fly the Covid Safe flags.
The huge Bula Rendezvous Welcome Party at Vuda Marina or Copra Shed Marina.
Rendezvous Admin will handle all the paperwork on your behalf *
A series of briefings will be held, local in New Zealand and live on Zoom Mid to late April.
Loads of advice, assistance, camaraderie and heaps of fun without the stressful bits.
Perhaps one of the Prime Benefits of the rendezvous is the Heavily Discounted OCEAN TACTICS weather routing service. Preliminary Set up and Departure planning are included in the Rendezvous fee. For more information on OCEAN TACTICS Click HERE

How Much?
The Rendezvous Fee is $350USD** (see below for when fees are due)

Departure Points
Opua in the Bay of Islands New Zealand
French Polynesia – Papeete

What’s not included;-
Inward Clearance costs for the government departments
Covid Tests
Tender Service for Health Officials to the Quarantine anchorage
Border Control Fees – Fiji Navy services at Quarantine anchorage.
Costs for the above are still under negotiation and will be advised as released to us.

*Paper work – For all participants Rendezvous admin will handle all Fiji inward documentation, C2C ANoA and including liaising with the Fiji Agents right up to final approval. For those departing from New Zealand, Rendezvous Admin will handle all outgoing documentation including Covid Testing, Covid Documentation and submission of same to Fiji. For participants departing from Papeete Outward documentation and Covid testing is your care, Covid Documentation should be sent direct to Rendezvous admin for processing and approval to depart. Tahiti Crew are offering Covid Test assistance and Outward Clearance at a discounted fee. Other departure points TBA.

**Rendezvous Fees – The Bula Rendezvous is GO! (8th April 2021) Rendezvous fees are now due for registered participants. 

Once the documentation process is started there are no refunds unless your application to enter Fiji is declined (unlikely) in which case Rendezvous Admin will pay the Fiji Agents fees on your behalf and refund $200USD.

Rendezvous numbers.

Numbers are limited in order to assist Fiji Clearance. The first intake is limited to 25 yachts as is the Cruise in Company.

Click the link below to register for the Bula Rendezvous and secure your place.

Upcoming Events

Web-based Presentations

C&OC – Cruising Destinations

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Click the links below for the uploaded video’s of series one.

South Pacific Weather 2 – Departure Planning  

Understanding South Pacific Weather

Cruising New Zealand

Cruising New Caledonia

Cruising Vanuatu

Series Two – South Pacific to SE Asia Destinations Series

Date and series schedule will be uploaded shortly.

2021 Covid Free

Destination Rendezvous Series

Destination Fiji – Bula Rendezvous

Click HERE for full details and to Register.

Destination NZ – Kia Ora Rendezvous

Destination NZ Rally Girls
Come and share our culture!

The 2021 Rendezvous Series is not just about the Destination but support from Start to Finish.

In these uncertain times having qualified Information and Support is a must for you to make the right decision.

There is no fixed program, skippers can choose their departure to suit their timing. We’ll be there to assist with all the Documentation & Departure Planning helping you to have a Seamless Worry Free experience!

Cost for each Rendezvous are yet to be set and will be posted in due course.

Expression of Interest – Sign Up
An Expression of Interest is just that! There is no obligation.

What you will get is all the latest news as it comes to hand.

New Zealand Exemptions.

Getting into New Zealand still requires a Vessel Exemption for anyone other than a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident. This entails an application under the refit and repair qualification, showing the value of work that is intended and needs to be $50k NZD or more. We’ve simplified this process for C&OC members, the cost is a fixed $650NZD fee for the application and usually takes 10 days to put the application together and 6-8 weeks for processing. That’s stage one, stage two is the visa application process that takes a further 2-4 weeks. Stage three is getting you to New Zealand, either direct or via Fiji. We will assist you with the process and help you dodge the many pitfalls along the way.

All the help you’ll need!

  • All the help & resources you need to Cruise through the South West Pacific to any Rendezvous Destination. An extensive level of coordination and support before & during the offshore passages.
  • We’ll lead you through all the documentation required for Departure, Advance Notice of Arrivals. Arrival and departure documentation, visa requirements and more.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Advice & support before, during and after the Rendezvous.
  • All relevant details for all vessels are forwarded to SAR, at NZRCC.
  • Passage planning and passage management advise for all passages, with resources for all destinations.
  • OceanOverWatch
  • Ocean Tactics weather service at C&OC member discounts
  • Fleet Tracking by PredictWind.
  • An Invitation to all Rendezvous Fun and Pop Up events.
  • Briefings via Zoom/ WhatsApp or live where available.
  • Free 1 year membership in Coastal & Offshore Cruising – International.
  • Priority Haulout Bookings and specials at Marsden Cove Marina, New Zealand and Vuda Marina – Fiji


  • Unrivaled camaraderie
  • Great support network
  • Years of knowledge and experience in the South Pacific
  • More fun than you can poke a stick at
  • and a great team helping you “Cruise With Confidence”

Supply Partners

Supply partners may change without notice – for the most up to date listings please email –

Rally Terms and Conditions

Rally Partners

From Panama to Thailand, cruise every island, with 
C&OC – Intl.Pacific Puddle Jump, Island Cruising NZ, and Sail 2 Indonesia 

Join one or all of our partner yacht rallies (Click the Rally Partner of your choice above), and make blue water cruising more fun! Whether you’re dreaming of a winter in Fiji, or you’re planning a voyage around the entire South Pacific and beyond, there’s a rally you can join to make cruising easier and more fun.

Make new friends, discover remote destinations that few people ever get to visit, and enjoy exclusive benefits only available to rally participants through our rally partners, such as VIP clearance, special entry ports, discounts, freebies and much, much more.

Why do people join organised events?

  • Receive exclusive concessions, discount & freebies
  • Benefit from local knowledge
  • Qualified Information and support
  • Access to the latest information
  • Make cruising more fun
  • Make new friends
  • Create life long memories
  • Reduce the hassle and worry so they can have the best experience in exciting new places.

The purpose of a rally/ rendezvous is to enhance your cruising experience. Our partner rallies/rendezvous are organised with the aim of bringing together a group of like-minded people who want to share the experience of cruising, and benefit from the exclusive privileges they can arrange. It’s all about giving you value for money, a unique and unforgettable experience, and the benefit of local knowledge.

It’s YOUR experience – make it what YOU want

As a rally/ rendezvous participant, you can choose how much (or how little) involvement you have with activities and other participants. There is no pressure! It’s not a race, it’s not “follow-me” sailing, and it’s certainly not a dictatorship. You can participate in some, all or none of the activities and itineraries – it’s entirely up to you. Want to break away from the group and do your own thing for a while? That’s fine! You can leave or join the group at any time you wish.